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Are you a holistic business struggling because you lack the number of clients you want or the dollars you need? Or maybe you just don’t have the time or know-how to accomplish all the marketing tasks that are piling up. I’m here to help! I offer copywriting services, as well as marketing services, for holistic, wellness, alternative health, personal development, and spiritual and metaphysical business owners.

Copywriting Services For Holistic, Wellness & Alternative Health Companies

I know your work is extremely important to you, and I want to help you share it with the world! My passion is using written words to help others better their lives. If you strive to better lives with holistic solutions, we have a match!

As an internationally recognized author and a marketing professional with a background in life coaching, I’ll put my passion to work for you! Together, we can align your talents with an effective core message, and put it out there in a way that draws in your ideal target market. When this synergy takes place, clients will find you, you’ll be able to help more people lead healthier lives, and everybody wins!

“Faith Davis is an outstanding writer and also has a high command for marketing. When you blend a great writer with knowledge and marketing experience, the result is stellar copy. She is also a delight to work with. I fully endorse and recommend Faith and I know when you hire her you will be thrilled you did and you will use her services over and over again!”

~Terri Levine, The Business Growth Guru, North Wales, PA,

Who I Work With

My work is best suited for Holistic & Alternative Health Businesses, such as: Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Inspirational Speakers, Chiropractors, Body Workers, Wellness Centers, Homeopathic Doctors, Health Food Stores, Spiritual Guides, Nutritionists, Dietitians, Herbologists, Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Retreat Centers, Yoga Schools, Stress Management Teachers, Gyms, Personal Trainers, Spas, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Holistic Dentists, Metaphysical Shops, and other businesses in the inspirational, health and holistic industries.

Copywriting & Marketing Services I Provide

  • Articles & Blogs ~ Do you want to increase your expert status by providing blogs and articles on your website? Do you want to repurpose your blogs and articles to increase your visibility so you can be seen by your ideal prospects more effectively? Content marketing is what I specialize in the most.
  • Web Copy ~ Your website should be working FOR YOU, and if it’s not, it is time for an overhaul. From copywriting to layout, I can help you create a website that accomplishes your goals.
  • SEO Strategies – I use the Yoast SEO strategy to come up with an effective SEO strategy for your blogging endeavors. It’s very hard to rank for individual articles, which is why I perform keyword research to find longtail keywords that you can focus your blog articles on. Each longtail keyword relates to the main keywords on your site according to Google, which sets up your site as an authority on your topics, thereby landing you the rankings you seek.
  • Email Marketing ~ Developing a keep-in-touch program so you stay in front of your clients and prospects is important but time consuming. I can take over any and all parts of email newsletters and email marketing that you want off your plate.
  • Press Releases ~ Free publicity is an incredible marketing strategy because it’s not only free, but it also increases your expert status and gains your prospects’ and clients’ trust since it comes from a third party. Doing it right is key, however. Let me help you make it easy and effective.
  • Brochure Copy ~ Professional copywriting can make all the difference on your marketing collateral. When you put money into printing brochures, flyers or anything else to market your business, you want to make sure your copy is effective.
  • Direct Mail Copy ~ Believe it or not, direct mail is still one of the most effective forms of marketing, but if you’re going to spend the money, make sure you are doing it right. If your copy doesn’t sell, you are throwing money away.
  • Advertisements & Adverts ~ If you want to put an ad in a newspaper, magazine or online, cutting costs by not having the ad professionally written will make the whole thing a waste. I can help you write an ad that will attract the attention you want.
  • Sales Letters ~ Whether it be a physical letter you will mail out or a letter for a sales page online, sales letters will help you succeed if they are written well. With my help, we’ll create a letter that keeps your audience reading and gets them to act.
  • Taglines ~ Are you either starting a new business or looking to recreate what you are known for? Let’s create a tagline that says what you want to say clearly and concisely in a memorable way.
  • Company Profiles ~ Looking to have a professionally written company profile outlining your company’s history, current status and future goals? This is a piece that can help align the goals of all employees and can also form the basis of a press release or press kit.
  • Biographies ~ It’s important to have a bio section on your website, but there is an art to writing biographies. If written well, they will compel prospects who are on the fence to hire you.
  • Developing an Effective Core Message ~ It is extremely important to have your core message down solid before you begin any marketing endeavors, because without it, your marketing will not have a consistent message. Instead of confusing your audience with mixed messages, start with a core message that you can base all of your marketing from.
  • Marketing Campaign Design & Implementation ~ Whether it be coming up with a yearly, quarterly or monthly marketing plan, or simply coming up with a plan for an individual marketing campaign, I can help you create a plan that can be easily implemented to create results.
  • Ghostwriting ~ I have ghostwritten several Simon & Schuster books for best-selling authors. Ghostwriters are hired for numerous reasons (to help someone who isn’t a “good” writer to write a book, to help authors put out more material than they could on their own, or simply because they don’t have time to write a book). From E-books to full manuscripts, I can write for you in your name with full confidentiality.
  • Editing Services ~ Did you write a book, article or even web copy that you would prefer be professionally edited. Send me your piece and I’ll provide you with a price to edit it for you.
  • Book Publishing ~ Do you have a book in you that needs to come out? Let me help you make your dream come true! Let me help you with any part of the process that you need – writing, editing, formatting, cover design, naming your book, keyword research and more.
  • Graphic Design ~ Do you need graphic design in addition to copy? Once you have effective copy, designing a piece that looks as professional as it sounds is important.
  • Resumes & Cover Letters ~ The job market is fierce right now and if you want to get a job, your resume and cover letter is what is going to get you in the door. Don’t risk giving a bad first impression – a professionally-written resume and cover letter will make all the difference.
  • And more... ~ What else can you dream up for me help you with? I am extremely flexible with how I work with my clients. Marketing, Writing and the Holistic Industry are my passions. How can I put my passion to work for you?

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“Faith was wonderful to work with!  She took my words and elevated them to the next level. I feel proud when I share my website now. I look forward to working with her again in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting support with writing or editing.”

~Vanessa Metcalf,


My mission is to be the copywriter you can consistently turn to and trust to help you convey intelligent information and powerful copy that captivates your ideal prospects and clients. I guarantee your satisfaction and will work to ensure you love the end result. I endeavor to engage in a partnership with you that will help grow your business, and I hope I will gain your trust so that you are excited to refer me to others.


Each project is evaluated on a custom basis in order to accommodate your individual needs. Lets discuss your goals so I can work up a customized proposal that will work for you. I make every effort to find solutions that will land within your budget and timeline.

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