Copywriting Testimonials

“Hiring Faith to do my copywriting is the single most important thing I have done in my business this year.  I love the work she did for me.  Not only did she help me become clear in my message to my ideal client, she kept in touch with me every step of the way, delivered on her promises and then some.   She is talented and very professional.  She gets the job done so you can get on with yours.  I highly recommend hiring her for your holistic writing and marketing needs.”

~Jill Rodriguez, voted Best Personal Trainer in Chicago

“Faith and I re-connected on Linkedin a few weeks ago and what a God send she is. Faith did a great job from begining to end in writting for my blog as well as masterminding a full out media blitz for my company. I am going to continue working with Faith as you (readers) should as well. Great job Faith!! Thank you.”

~Steve Brown, Doylestown, PA

“Faith Davis is an outstanding writer and also has a high command for marketing. When you blend a great writer with knowledge and marketing experience the result is stellar copy. She is also a delight to work with. I fully endorse and recommend Faith and I know when you hire her you will be thrilled you did and you will use her services over and over again!”

~Terri Levine, The Business Growth Guru, North Wales, PA

“FYI, I’ve met 2-3 people online who do what you do and you’re the first one who comes across with excitement in your writings.  The others had good information and well done, but yours caught my attention and I realized that you made me feel an excitement about what you were saying!”

~Shelly Jones, DC, Columbia, SC

“Faith is one of those rare people who inspires and puts you at ease just by the tone and sense of fun of her voice. Faith is knowledgeable and helpful and leaves you with no doubt that she is at the top of her game. Faith gives it to you straight, which stops any possibility of drifting off course on a project. There is only one word to describe Faith and her many abilities, (AWESOME) Thank you Faith.”

~Brendan McDonagh, Ireland

“Faith was wonderful to work with!  She took my words and elevated them to the next level. I feel proud when I share my website now. I look forward to working with her again in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting support with writing or editing.”

~Vanessa Metcalf,

“Working with Faith has been really powerful and easy.  She understood my philosophy and perspective right away and helped me write copy that really sounds like me!  My followers and clients noticed right away that the promotional emails that she wrote with my collaboration were much less “salesy” and far more compelling than previous campaigns I had done with other copywriters.  She gets right into it and is able to turn around great material in just a few days.  The process was seamless and easy with very little feedback needed to hone in.  Furthermore, Faith herself is just a joy.  She is smart, savvy, and really cares about her clients’ success.  I highly recommend Faith to all my clients and colleagues and to anyone who is looking for a copywriter who can help heart-centered entrepreneurs get their voice out in the world.”

~Tara Butler Floch,

“You will not go wrong selecting Faith to assist with personal or business writing needs. She has a keen sense about people, intelligent, experienced, and articulate – ultimatley she combines it all together in verbiage that will make you and/or your company pop!! Take the leap, give her a shout. Her artistry is nothing short of amazing.”

~Connie Davis, Bethlehem, PA

Inspirational Writing Testimonials

“You are a delight!….I always stop, amidst the “insanity of the moment or the day, to read your messages…….I look forward to the opportunity of connecting with you one day……Thank you Faith.”

~Rona Solomon

Coaching Testimonials

“Everyone should have a personal mentor to help them grow! It is a tremendous assistance to have a coach to reflect our true selves, one who can shine a light on who we truly are and can be. Particularly, if one suffers from low self esteem, as I have, it is encouraging to hear an acknowledging comment from Faith, my life coach. Like riding a raft down a river, Faith gently guides and questions to allow you to keep the course you are seeking. Faith is professional, empathetic, and has the ability to synthesize, record and reflect her clients’ wants and needs.”

~L.P., Bethlehem, PA

“Throughout my life, I have lived with social anxiety and had a constant fear of social situations. That made attending my first year of college even more difficult as I watched others enjoying social situations while I stayed in my dorm room wishing things could be different, but afraid to change them. I am now entering my second year of college with a different outlook and the proper tools to attack a social life due to the guidance and personal relations I received from only a few sessions with Faith. She related to my situation giving personal advice along with structure to guide me in understanding why I had such difficulties. She pointed out ideas that never occurred to me, and I now feel that after years of struggling with the same issue, I finally have the confidence I have longed for and look forward to joining my friends for a night out. I can now move on to working on other goals that were crippled by this one.”

~Melissa W., Greensboro, NC

“I began working with Faith to improve my ability to complete tasks on time. With Faith’s life coaching guidance we were able to target larger issues with my organizational skills. Faith worked with me on actions and strategies that helped improve my planning. The results were fantastic. Now I am much more organized and I am keeping my projects and tasks on schedule and the benefits are showing in my business and personal life.”

~Paul D., North Wales, PA

“Faith stands by her clients every step of the way, believing in them even when they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. She is thoughtful and knows just the right questions to ask and makes requests that stretch you to reach your goals. Her presence is calm and, with Faith, you can find your own answers. She coaches her clients with excellence and guides them with the tools and practices to tune into what is most important to them. If you are ready to gain a deep self awareness and use that insight to make lasting personal transformations, Faith is the coach to have on your team.”

~Jo Ramono, Green Mountain Life Coach

“I was in search of a personal coach trainer who could guide me in my program at an intense and accelerated pace. Faith came highly recommended. With Faith guiding me every step of the way, I learned more, and finished faster than I could have ever dreamed possible.”

~Dr. Karen Lee Paquette, ND and Author of Stop Being Stopped

“I have had a habit of trying to please people. I used to try and say things that I thought they might want to hear in an effort to have people like me. Faith helped me realize what I was doing and the effect on others.  She gave me the tools to help stop this behavior. I am very appreciative.”

~Carol T., BlueBell, PA

“The experience of EFT was interesting, fun and vibrationally powerful. I feel it will help me. I really appreciate that Faith gets right into our sessions and makes the most of each minute. I thank you for so valuing me and my time! I continue to be amazed at how this can work so well over the phone. Faith is a master at this!”

~L.P., Bethlehem, PA

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