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There are a lot of copywriters and marketing professionals out there, and you should hire the one that you feel is the best match for your business and your marketing style. For health and holistic business owners, it is very important that you look for a writer who understands your business, and that is what sets me apart. My background and my interests make me uniquely qualified to write for holistic, spiritual, personal development, alternative health, and health and wellness business owners. Here’s a little more about me so you can get a feel for what I have to offer…

Why I’m the Right Copywriter/Marketer For Your Business

Faith M. Davis Candid 4CropI am a Certified Life & Wellness Coach

This means I have a background in people skills, psychology, inspirational writing and the personal development industry. It also means I understand the holistic and wellness industries.

My Experience in the Marketing Industry

I have over 12 years of experience as Director of Marketing for a healthcare company and a printing company. This has given me extensive experience in marketing and copywriting so that I can guide you and help you with not only effective copy but also entire marketing campaigns.

My Interests in Holistic, Health and Wellness, Spirituality and Metaphysics

I am a lifetime participator in holistic practices and metaphysical studies, and health and wellness is a strong interest of mine. A writer produces their best work when they are passionate about what they are writing. I specialize in writing for the health and holistic industries because it demonstrates my passion, giving me the ability to write powerful copy.

I Back My Work With a No Worries Guarantee

My mission is to be the copywriter you can consistently turn to and trust to help you convey intelligent information and powerful copy that captivates your ideal prospects and clients. I guarantee your satisfaction and will work to ensure you love the end result. I endeavor to engage in a partnership with you that will help grow your business, and I hope I will gain your trust so that you are excited to refer me to others.

My Communication Skills & Creativity

I have exceptional communication skills and know how to bring ideas across so they are easily understood. I bring a unique perspective to my work, helping others to think of ideas and situations in a new light.

Chosen as one of WE Magazine’s Top 100 “Who’s Who Among Women in Ecommerce 2012.”

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“FYI, I’ve met 2-3 people online who do what you do and you’re the first one who comes across with excitement in your writings. The others had good information and well done, but yours caught my attention and I realized that you made me feel an excitement about what you were saying!”

~Shelly Jones, DC, Columbia, SC,

Professional & Author Bio

Faith M. Davis is both an author and a copywriter focusing on the subjects and industries she knows and loves most: holistic health, wellness, personal development, metaphysics and inspirational topics.

 As an author, her articles have been featured globally in Vitamin Publications, Wisdom Magazine, and She is the author of Letting Go: Get in the Flow to Stress Less, Fear Less & Struggle Less, and she has co-authored 3 books: Top Coaches Share Their Personal Action Strategies, Creating Your Miracle Life: Inspiration From Great Coaches, and 66 Secrets to Less Stress from a Collection of Experts. She is also the owner and Editor-in-Chief of

As a copywriter, she has written web copy, brochure copy, press releases, email blasts, marketing campaigns and more for various businesses in the holistic industry, such as life coaches, health coaches, authors, professional speakers, metaphysical organizations, integrated therapists, body workers, nutritionists and chiropractors. She has ghostwritten several books for a best-selling author who sold 300,000 copies of his first book and whom had his books published in 62 languages. Her experience in and affiliation with the holistic and wellness industries and her experience with marketing makes her perfectly suited to write effectively for holistic and wellness related businesses, as well as the marketing industry.

Faith earned her certification as a Comprehensive Coach at The Coaching Institute in 2006. Her natural love of personal development, holistic practices, health and wellness, metaphysics and writing is a passion that she is excited to share through her writing. She has served as the Marketing Director on the board of directors for the Bucks County Metaphysical Association. Her previous positions as Director of Marketing and Editor-in-Chief at CarpeVITA Precision Health and Director of Marketing at Astro-Dynamic Print & Graphic Services demonstrates her experience in marketing and copywriting. This has given her the ability to produce marketing copy that is highly effective, and when coupled with her love for the health and holistic industry, her writing is nothing short of powerful.

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“Faith is one of those rare people who inspires and puts you at ease just by the tone and sense of fun of her voice. Faith is knowledgeable and helpful and leaves you with no doubt that she is at the top of her game. Faith gives it to you straight, which stops any possibility of drifting off course on a project. There is only one word to describe Faith and her many abilities, (AWESOME) Thank you Faith.”

~Brendan McDonagh, Ireland

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