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5 Tips for Creating Headlines That Work For Your Holistic Business

Your headline is the most important thing you will write for your sales copy. That’s because reading your headline will either lead people to read further or to leave. With a moment as crucial as that, you want to make sure you are leading them to stick around.

A headline needs to create interest, draw attention and invoke curiosity. Here are 5 guidelines to follow so you can write stellar headlines for your holistic business:

1)     Make them benefit-driven. People are really only interested in things that can solve their problems or make them happy. They don’t care about you or your product or service. They care about what your product or service can do for them.

2)     Tell enough, but leave them curious. If your headline says, “Massages: $100 Today,” there is nothing leaving them curious. They already know what the service is and how much it costs, and they will automatically make a decision as to whether or not they want to continue reading. But if your headline said, “Lose Yourself in a Stress-Busting Massage – Incredible Sale Today Only,” you will gain their interest and curiosity so they want to read on.

3)     Speak in an active voice. This means that instead of being passive by saying something like, “Wouldn’t You Want to Lose Weight?,” say something like, “Lose 15 Pounds This Month or Your Money Back.” Be direct!

4)     Realize you use headlines all the time. In an email, your headline is the subject line. On a flyer or website, it is the first line of copy. On a sales call, it is the first thing you say. On a commercial, it is the first thing that is said or shown. We use headlines all the time – make sure you choose ones that are the best you could possibly give in every situation.

5)     Use sub-headlines throughout your copy. There are many people who simply skim text instead of reading it completely. For this reason, you want to sprinkle sub-headlines throughout your copy. Put the most important ideas and facts in the sub-headlines so you can be sure the skimmers are getting the most important stuff.