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How to Keep Your Holistic Clients Coming Back

The best source of business is with those who have already done business with you because it is far easier to get existing clients who already know you and your work to buy again than it is to get new prospects to buy from you. While it may be easier, it does take effort on your part. You need to have a keep-in-touch program in place so that you are staying in front of your clients, reminding them that you are here for them.

A keep-in-touch program can be done in many ways. It might consist of email blasts, printed newsletters, personalized cards or mailed/emailed free bonuses and gifts. Try to use a combination of personalized and non-personalized ways of keeping in touch because without the personalized methods, your clients will just feel like one of the pack. When you make them feel special, they will feel more cared for by you, and will be much more willing to make continued sales.

Be sure that the ways you keep in touch with your clients benefit them. Don’t just send out constant info about how great you or your company is. Make sure if you are promoting something, the benefit for the client is clearly shown. And make sure that you are not constantly promoting something – give valuable information above all.