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5 Tips to Holistic Copywriting That Sells


Copywriting is an art and a skill that is about compelling and intriguing the reader to the point that they want to 1) continue reading and 2) take the action you want them to take. Here are 5 tips to help you write compelling copy:

1) Speak directly to the reader as if they are the only one reading it. Don’t use generalizations. Speak to the exact person that is your ideal client about their exact problems and the exact ways you can help them.

2) Avoid talking about yourself, but instead talk about them. They want to know, “what is in it for me?” They don’t care about you until after they realize you just might be able to help them.

3) Use benefit-driven language instead of telling them the features of what you are offering. A feature that a holistic doctor might offer, for example, is that they provide flexible hours. A benefit that they might offer is that patients with knee pain tend to leave the office after their first visit feeling 50% better. Speak to their emotions!

4) Keep it clear and concise. Honor your readers’ time by not dragging your copy on and on. Arrange the copy so it is easy for people who skim to pick up on the most important parts quickly. Make sure you are clear about your products and services without assuming the reader already has an understanding of what you offer.

5) Always include a call-to-action. Make it very clear what step you want the reader to take in every piece of copy you write. Do you want them to visit your website, sign up for your free e-book, call you to schedule an appointment, etc.

If you want your marketing to be effective, it is imperative that you write compelling copy. Remember that we live in a fast-paced world and you generally have 3 seconds to capture a person’s attention. If you don’t, you lose them. That’s why one of the most important investments you can make is to invest the time to learn effective copywriting or to invest the money to hire a copywriter. 



Make Your Marketing Engaging & Actionable

To really engage your ideal prospects and clients, use the active tense when writing your copy. What this means is that you drop the long, drawn-out, descriptive sentences and you replace them with short, concise, action phrases. Take a look at the following example:

If you are over 50, you might be starting to think about your health more and more these days and you are probably wondering whether or not you should start looking for alternative options.

To liven that statement up and make it actionable, I would change it to the following:

Are you worrying about your health more and more?

Do you wish there were alternative medical options available for you?

Do you see how the second example grabs your attention much more than the first and makes you want to keep reading?

For effective copywriting, just keep it concise, simple and actionable.


Clarity Starts With You!

When you are writing copy to market your business, make sure you are using wording that is clear and to the point. You will lose people if you try to be too clever. Creativity is important, but when it comes to marketing, you need to use it in a way that doesn’t make people have to think too hard.

The goal of your marketing is to sell something, whether it is selling a product, a service or an idea. In order to be effective with your marketing message, keep it simple and direct. Make sure there is no question what you are asking them to buy.

If I go to your website, I want to know by looking at your navigation buttons what I will be viewing on those web pages before I even click on them. When I open your brochure, I want to be clearly directed to the areas that interest and apply to me, and what I am looking for. If I have to spend too much time searching for what I am looking for, I will probably just move on. Don’t you find that is true for you too? Make sure you avoid that happening!


Invaluable Holistic Copywriting Tip

Holistic practitioners and business owners often have many fancy terms at their disposal and I’ve often seen flyers and brochures that mention those terms over and over as if the reader knows what it means.

Many people who are your potential clients haven’t even heard of your product or service and using those terms will not help them understand it is something they might want to try. For example, a person might know that they want to relieve their back pain and release toxins, but they might not know that shiatsu is something that can help with that, and when they see the term shiatsu, they might very well just dismiss it altogether.

To solve this problem, use most of your copywriting explaining the benefits your product or service provides and how and who it will help. Use fancy terms sparingly and don’t assume the reader will have heard of those terms before.