Marketing Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Business - 13 Solutions
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Repurpose Your Marketing Efforts For Ease, Visibility & Effectiveness

Too often, we make separate marketing efforts, and we don’t get the results we deserve as a result. Writing a blog one day, then holding a seminar another day, then posting an ad another day, for example, means a lot of effort poured into many different marketing avenues.

For effectiveness, find numerous ways to repurpose your marketing efforts so that the effort is lessoned. If you write a blog, you can easily transform it into an article, turn it into a recording and/or video, and submit each medium to the various sites available (blog submission sites such as Technorati and Weblogalot, article submission sites such as and video submission sites such as YouTube and Google Video). Then you can even collect your blogs into a book, and your audios into a CD.

This is just a small sampling of what can be done. Not only does this make your marketing efforts more effective but it also increases your visibility, increasing your chances of being seen by your ideal prospects.


Marketing Isn’t Scary When You Have Systems in Place

At Halloween, we all think about scary stuff, and that made me think of how most people view marketing. If you’re a holistic business owner, then you are most likely incredible at what you do. Unfortunately, the service or product you provide is only half of it. Without marketing, your business cannot exist. For those of you who dread marketing, here’s an important tip: If you put marketing systems in place, it’s not so scary!

Here’s a way to make it fun – take a marketing planning retreat! This could be a few hours, a day, a weekend, whatever you want. Take that time and make sure it is uninterrupted and in an environment where you can focus. Then go to town planning your marketing over the next 3-6 months. Plan out the blogs you will write, where you will advertise, the special programs you will promote, and all the ways you will get the word out.

When you have a plan in front of you, it becomes easier to swallow each week as you go about your marketing efforts. You can simply take out your list, perform the task and check it off. It also helps your marketing to be more strategic. When you do your marketing haphazardly, it will end up having no rhyme or reason to it and it won’t have the consistency that marketing requires, but when you plan up front, you can integrate consistency and timeliness into your plans.

If doing this on your own seems like too much for you, ask me about my new “Nurture Your Way To Success” coaching program. Happy marketing!


Marketing Tip: Don’t be Afraid To Be Yourself

What businesses do you like to follow most? – Those that have a face to the company with a person that shares themselves openly in their marketing copy? Or the companies who are just companies and give you no attachment to them other than noticing what sales are going on this week? My guess is that it is the first example. This is because when business owners act like human beings and share parts of their lives and their humanness with us, we relate to them and we feel like we know them in a way.

When you are writing your sales copy, whether it be a website, an email blast, a brochure, etc., be sure to write as though you are speaking to each person individually, and share some of yourself. Showing vulnerability draws people to you and creates “friendships” instead of just business relationships. Then, when someone gets your email blast, they smile and say things like, “Bonnie sent me an email again! Wonder how her trip was.” Then, they are more likely to want to do business with you since people like doing business with people they know and like.

Open up. Be relatable. Be you! 


To Market Your Holistic Business, Express Your Benefits, Not Your Features

When you market a product, you want to make sure you are grabbing attention by basing your message on the benefits the customer will receive, not the features. The difference is this: If you were looking to buy a car, the benefits would be how safe the car is and how it will bring back your youth and make you feel free when you are driving it. The features would be that it has a sunroof and 4-wheel drive. Sure those features are great and usually are part of what make the benefits possible, but they aren’t what inspire people and often people don’t make the connection between how that feature can really benefit their lives. Be sure to spell out the benefits and make sure you are focusing your marketing message on the benefits, because that is what people care about and that is what is going to grab their attention.

How does your product or service make people feel? How does it change their lives? How does it make their lives easier? How does it bring them together with people they love? These are the types of things you want to focus on. It’s all about what is in it for the customer.


Copywriting & Writing Are 2 Different Things

I have met many holistic practitioners who are great writers, and I am often impressed how they weave words together so they sound like poetry. But I have met few who are good copywriters. Writing is truly an art. But don’t confuse being a good writer with being a good copywriter. They are two very different things.

Copywriting requires a different skill set. It requires one to understand marketing and to present a service or product in a way that leaves people aching to have it. It generally requires copy that is concise and formatted in a way that is much different way then other writing forms. It involves understanding human psychology and doing research so you understand what your target audience wants and what they will respond to. It is precise and needs to grab attention right away. It involves setting aside what you want, as the person selling the product or service, and instead requires that you get in the head of your target market and speak directly to their wants and needs.

Be sure that you are thinking like a copywriter when you are writing your marketing copy. Otherwise your writing will not be effective, no matter how good of a writer you are. Happy copywriting!


Use “I” Sparingly On Your Holistic Website

Let me ask you this – is your website about you or is it about the people viewing your website? The answer is “your viewers.” That may sound silly since the purpose of your website is to tell your viewers about you and your holistic business. But in actuality, your site needs to be all about them if you want them to stick around and read it.

When you view a website, do you want to read about someone carrying on about themselves, saying things like, “I can do this for you because I am the best,” or “when you come to me, you will get…” I highly doubt it! What you want to read is something more like, “If you are suffering from ______, it is important that you get the treatment that will make a difference in your life. _______ treatment has been known to solve problems, such as _______.” Do you see the difference?

Make it all about the client and what your products or services can do to help THEM. They don’t care about you. They care about what your product or service can do for them.

Count how many times you use the word “I” on your website and reword those sentences to be all about the people you serve.


What Is Most Important For Your Holistic Website – SEO or Content?

I have gotten this question a lot recently so I figured it was an important topic to write on. What is most important? Making sure your site is optimized for the search engines or making sure your content is what your ideal clients want to read?

The answer is content. And here’s why. Let’s say that you do search engine optimization that lands you on the front page of Google when people search your keywords. But then, they click on your site and 5 seconds later, they click right off. What would have been the point?

You want to make sure that you hold their attention once you do get them to your website. You need a site that is clean and easy to navigate. You need a site that answers all the questions they are asking themselves. You need a site that is helpful and gets them to see why your company is the clear choice. You need a site that is clutter-free and easily provides the info they need without a lot of digging and frustration.

Once you have all of those things in place, then go ahead and optimize your site. If you focus first on SEO and then second on content, you are wasting your time and money. Instead, focus your initial effort on getting the site to be what the viewers want, and your SEO investments after that will give you a far greater return.


How to Keep Your Holistic Clients Coming Back

The best source of business is with those who have already done business with you because it is far easier to get existing clients who already know you and your work to buy again than it is to get new prospects to buy from you. While it may be easier, it does take effort on your part. You need to have a keep-in-touch program in place so that you are staying in front of your clients, reminding them that you are here for them.

A keep-in-touch program can be done in many ways. It might consist of email blasts, printed newsletters, personalized cards or mailed/emailed free bonuses and gifts. Try to use a combination of personalized and non-personalized ways of keeping in touch because without the personalized methods, your clients will just feel like one of the pack. When you make them feel special, they will feel more cared for by you, and will be much more willing to make continued sales.

Be sure that the ways you keep in touch with your clients benefit them. Don’t just send out constant info about how great you or your company is. Make sure if you are promoting something, the benefit for the client is clearly shown. And make sure that you are not constantly promoting something – give valuable information above all.


If You Cater to the Masses, You Cater to No One

One of the biggest mistakes we make in our holisitc businesses is to not choose a narrow target market. We think that by catering to the masses, we will have more of an opportunity to pick up more clients, but the reverse is actually true. When we do that, we dilute our abilities and we are not respected as someone special in our field. We end up being a little fish in a big pond and no one even knows we are there. 

When we choose to cater to a much narrower market, however, we become the trusted authority in our field in that market. People turn to us because we stand out as someone who can really help them instead of just another person who offers the same thing as everyone else.

It's often scary at first to stop marketing to everyone in the world becuase the fear sets in that we are leaving potential clients out, but I guarantee you that your business will be taken to new levels because of it.


Do You Hate Feeling Like a Nag to Your Prospects?

No one likes to be sold to right?

Wrong! People love to buy products and services that will make their lives easier, healthier or more complete in some way. Instead of being afraid to offer people what you provide because you don’t want to be a nag, focus on solving their problems.

When you approach a prospect with the focus of helping them solve a problem in their lives, the energy of the sale changes. It is no longer about getting them to give in and buy from you. It is all about what you can do for them and how much buying from you is going to make their lives better in some way.

Again it all comes down to focus (something I write about often). Your life and business will transform when you stop focusing on problems and fears and start focusing instead on solutions and possibilities.