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How to Turn Your Blogs Into Money-Making Machines

Writing blogs can take a lot of time, but it can be soooo worth it… if it's done properly. If you want to generate income from your blogs, there are a few tips you should take into consideration:

1)  Provide tons of useful information. Don't use your blog to advertise or sell things. Use it to give people information that they will be thankful for. The more useful your blogs are, the more people will visit your website and seek out your services and products. People like to buy from reputable experts and that is how you will be perceived when you write content-rich blogs.

2)  Don't keep your blog a secret. If you write a blog and then do nothing else with it, you are basically writing for yourself only. You want to get as many people to read your blog as possible. You can do this by posting links on your social media sites, submitting your blogs to blog directories and social bookmarking sites and adding links to your email blasts.

3)  Be aware of keywords as you write. Your blog should flow in a regular reading style instead of being jam packed with keywords for search engine optimization, but it is very important to include some keywords as you write so that you can potentially generate some organic traffic.

4)  Make it relevant and specific. Make sure the information you are putting out is relevant to the services and products you provide and is useful to a specific group of people and make sure you are targeting those people. When the right person reads the right information, they will want to hire you.

5)  Tie your blogs in with promotions you are running. If you offer an array of services but you are promoting acupuncture this month, then make your blogs relevant to acupuncture.

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