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Are you speaking to the right people with your holistic marketing?



If you own a holistic-type business, are you marketing to the people who would be more apt to purchase holistic products and services? It’s a waste of time, money and energy to market to everyone and anyone, thinking that the more people you hit, the better. Why spend your time trying to convince people that aren’t of the mindset to purchase holistic remedies? Put your time and effort into marketing to people who have already proven themselves to be interested in holistic products and services.

How do you find them? You can either ask your current clients or do some research. You want to find the answers to questions like: Where do holistic-minded people hang out? What do they read? What websites do they go to? Etc.

Reader Comments (1)

I am a traditional naturopath in private practice. I have joined Business Network International (BNI) and have found it to be most helpful. I was delighted to know see how effectively it provided outreach to those who are indeed quality referals and potential clients. I also was able to connect with other professionals in my local chapter that could guide and support my own marketing stategy methods. Local chapters are all over the US in just about every area.

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