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Repurpose Your Marketing Efforts For Ease, Visibility & Effectiveness

Too often, we make separate marketing efforts, and we don’t get the results we deserve as a result. Writing a blog one day, then holding a seminar another day, then posting an ad another day, for example, means a lot of effort poured into many different marketing avenues.

For effectiveness, find numerous ways to repurpose your marketing efforts so that the effort is lessoned. If you write a blog, you can easily transform it into an article, turn it into a recording and/or video, and submit each medium to the various sites available (blog submission sites such as Technorati and Weblogalot, article submission sites such as and video submission sites such as YouTube and Google Video). Then you can even collect your blogs into a book, and your audios into a CD.

This is just a small sampling of what can be done. Not only does this make your marketing efforts more effective but it also increases your visibility, increasing your chances of being seen by your ideal prospects.

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