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Marketing Tip: Don’t be Afraid To Be Yourself

What businesses do you like to follow most? – Those that have a face to the company with a person that shares themselves openly in their marketing copy? Or the companies who are just companies and give you no attachment to them other than noticing what sales are going on this week? My guess is that it is the first example. This is because when business owners act like human beings and share parts of their lives and their humanness with us, we relate to them and we feel like we know them in a way.

When you are writing your sales copy, whether it be a website, an email blast, a brochure, etc., be sure to write as though you are speaking to each person individually, and share some of yourself. Showing vulnerability draws people to you and creates “friendships” instead of just business relationships. Then, when someone gets your email blast, they smile and say things like, “Bonnie sent me an email again! Wonder how her trip was.” Then, they are more likely to want to do business with you since people like doing business with people they know and like.

Open up. Be relatable. Be you! 

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