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Writing personal development, health and wellness, holistic and metaphysical books and articles is my biggest passion! Below you will find some of my sample clips and author samples. If you need any additional information, please Contact Me.

“You are a delight!….I always stop, amidst the “insanity of the moment or the day, to read your messages…….I look forward to the opportunity of connecting with you one day……Thank you Faith.”

~ Rona Solomon

Letting Go: Get in the Flow to Stress Less, Fear Less & Struggle Less – This book is a labor of love. It’s my true passion expressed in words. To learn more, visit – I own and run this blog. It’s where I express my passions, which include personal development, inspiration, and holistic health and wellness. – As Editor-in-Chief for CarpeVITA, I wrote health and wellness articles on nutrition, fitness, women’s health, men’s health, children’s health, healthy seniors and other wellness topics. – As Editor-in-Chief for CarpeVITA, I wrote all the articles on this site. – As Editor-in-Chief for CarpeVITA, I wrote all the articles on this site. – As a featured expert on this website, I wrote weekly articles on topics such as success, communication, stress, happiness, law of attraction, abundance, etc. – Here, I shared my “500 Words of Brilliance” as one of the first 100 Featured Luminaries, and then I was featured a second time in September of 2011.

Article for Mama’s Lil’ Guide Magazine – Meditation For Moms – This is an article about why meditation for moms is the best gift you can give your children.

Special Report – 7 Secrets To Living Your Life With Less Effort & More Enjoyment – This piece demonstrates my ability to sell a product or service through a special report.

Article for Life Spectrums – This article promotes the Life Spectrums conference, published in Wisdom Magazine, June 2008. (Click on the link to download a PDF of the printed issue, or read the online archived version here on Wisdom’s website.) Please note, my name was then Faith Zimmerman.

Marketing Article written for a Astro-Dynamic Print & Graphic ServicesHow to Use the Economic Downturn to GROW Your Business. – I own and run this blog. It’s where I get to dabble in one of my favorite things: natural remedies and herbs. – I own and run this blog. It’s where I get to express my spiritual side.

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